You haven't had rum like this before. Product of Hawaii.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum made in Maui is distilled by the Haliimaile Distilling Company in Makawao, HI for sale on the islands. Since Hawaii drastically reduced their sugar cane crops, you can only get this special product on the islands of Hawaii. Enjoy the Spirit of Aloha responsibly.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum distilled in Puerto Rico combines the finest sugar cane in the Carribean with a 5x distillation process produces the finest rum in the world. Sammy’s Puerto Rico Rum is distilled by the Destilería Serrallés in Makawao, Puerto Rico. You can get this rum in all US states except HI. Enjoy the Spirit of Paradise responsibly.

– Sammy Hagar

SBBR White Rum Red Head Rum Spiced Kola Rum
For the first time, a white rum that can be sipped neat or over ice. Try this as a martini (maybe slightly dirty) and you will see why rum connoisseurs are calling it one of the finest white rums made today.

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Sammy’s master distiller used the white rum as a base, infused it with macademia nuts and imported the highest quality red coloring agent made from all natural fruit and vegetable juices to end up with a distinctly different and exotic tasting rum. Think cordial. Great as an ingredient in most drinks!! Or sipped with a cigar or torte.

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Using the white rum as a base, numerous ingredients are blended into the white rum, none of which are as important as the kola nut. The result is a spiced rum like no other with hints of vanilla and coffee. This spiced rum will make the ultimate rum & coke. Use it to spice up your favorite island drink. Sammy says, “You won’t use any other spiced once you have tasted Sammy’s Kola Spiced Rum.”

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