Sammy Hagar’s Search For The Perfect Rum Cocktail #1 The Kō Pineapple Da Kari

Join Sammy Hagar as he searches for the perfect rum cocktail! In the first episode, Sammy visits Kō Restaurant in Maui and mixologist Rachel makes the Kō Pineapple Da Kari (Daquiri). Grab a bottle of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum and make it yourself at home or ask for it at your nearest bar!

Run wedge of lime around rim of glass and rim half way round with natural brown sugar grains
Muddle roughly 2 inch square fresh pineapple (slightly bruise it to aerate and get the juices out)
2 oz Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum
Juice from half of a fresh lime
1 oz simple syrup (sugar + water, can try substituting agave nectar)
Shake with ice (around 20 shakes)
Strain and serve!

Film yourself trying it out and upload a response video!