Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum: For Anyone and Everyone Seeking “No Worries”

The official video for “No Worries” (Chapter 7) from The Circle’s debut studio album, Space Between, is OUT NOW!

You can watch the full video here.

Sammy sat down with Forbes for an in-depth interview and to premiere the video for “No Worries” where he explained:

“…the enlightenment moment is when you are sitting there with nothing and you realize it’s not so bad. “This is better than when I was rich and powerful and all the hassles I had and f**king people and getting f**ked and all that stuff.” When you got nothing you’re just sitting there going., “Wow, I don’t have any worries.” I came from that place so I know that it does exist. It’s not where I am today, but it was important in my story. ”

Check out the full interview here.