Search For The Perfect Rum Cocktail Episode #2 Outtakes!

Sammy Hagar Demonstrates Making An Infused Rum Cocktail with Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

Here’s a special bonus clip from Sammy’s search for the perfect Rum Cocktail where Sammy’s does a light-hearted demonstration of how to make the perfect infused drink. Simple but delicious.

Sammy’s recipe:

Stiff shot of Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum
Fresh slice of Pineapple (or your favorite fruit)
Swirl and Enjoy!

So what fruit do you like with your rum?

Sammy Hagar Bartends (Search for the Perfect Rum Cocktail Outtake feat. Chad Smith)

Here’s another special bonus outtake from Sammy’s search for the perfect Rum Cocktail. In this clip an unexpected guest down on his luck stops by for some Redrocker brotherly advice from barkeep Sammy. Best actor nomination for Chad Smith?! What do you think?

And yes, Chad did order a “virgin rum & coke”.

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